Friday, February 23, 2007

DRTV Marketing Tactics

What are the challenges that entertainment executives are facing today and how can drtv marketers help them?

Consumers are downloading TV shows, videos and music on their iPods and other mobile devices. They are watching less TV and using DVRs [digital video recorders] to skip through commercials. They are going to fewer movies and renting fewer DVDs from traditional bricks-and-mortar stores like Blockbuster, instead accessing films through on-demand services or outfits like Netflix. Giving executives new strategies and options to not only deal with these changes but also to capitalize on them will differentiate savvy vendors from those who don't understand what's going on in the industry.

What are the best media vehicles for reaching these execs?

This audience can be reached through industry publications and Web sites from such trusted and longstanding b-to-b [publications] as Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, as well as through certain consumer publications such as Vanity Fair .

What direct response marketing tactics are best to engage this audience?

DRTV marketing messages need to be highly creative in order to appeal to this audience creativity is their business, after all. The messages also have to be informed and accurate. Direct Response companies targeting this audience need to be well-versed in all the latest trends and technologies, and present themselves as solutions-driven experts in this field.

Peter Koeppel is Founder and President of Koeppel Direct