Monday, July 13, 2009

The State of DRTV (Part 2 of 2)

In our previous post, we talked about DRTV and its newfound rise in the marketing world.

Here are three more great insider tips for how to get the most out of DRTV in today’s consumer market:

You Live in an Online World

When you think of direct response TV, you naturally think of, well, TV. But there’s a big online component to DRTV that you’d be remiss to neglect. Currently, as many as a third of DRTV product sales happen online, not through the 800 number. Don’t forget that many of your consumers will be looking for you online – and may not buy if they can’t find you.

Steal This Product

Your product doesn’t need to be completely new – and in some cases, it can help if it’s not. Think of how many ab machines or slice-and-dicers you’ve seen available. None of them want for customers. Look at what’s succeeded so far and take a hint. It can also give your product validity, since people are suspicious of completely new things.

Shorter is Better

The 120-second spot can do a lot more than you think. They often work especially well for DRTV because consumers can find the product and all of the additional information they’re looking for online. Give them the benefits, the 800 number, and a website, and let them come to you.