Sunday, February 5, 2012

Which Products Make the Grade for DRTV?

There are a number of different types of products being promoted through Direct Response Television (DRTV).

The criteria for choosing which products appear on which infomercials is very specific and not all items available to consumers will make the proverbial grade.

USP. For one thing, the product must have a unique selling proposition, or USP. It must do something in a different manner than other products currently available and it must capture the interest of the consumer viewing it.

Appeal to the masses. Since the product is being promoted using a mass media device like television, it must appeal to a large demographic of prospective customers. If the product is one which would specifically appeal to a certain niche market, it may be successfully marketed on a specialty channel.

Looks matter. Infomercials use a product demonstration format to show the viewer how it works. For a product to be successfully promoted in this manner, it must be one which can be shown in a way that is DRTV “friendly.”

What’s in it for me? Customers need to believe that the product being demonstrated can solve a problem which they are experiencing. To get a television viewer to open his or her wallet, they must be able to see the benefit of making the purchase.

Keep it simple. Unless a product being promoted through an infomercial can be easily explained, it is not going to do well. Prospective buyers will click away from something which appears as if it will be too much trouble to use. However, if it is a product that can be demonstrated effectively, DRTV can be a very effective way to promote an item.