Wednesday, January 24, 2007

DRTV Upsells & Continuity

Make sure to utilize upsells and continuity programs in your DRTV program. These can help your direct response Television (DRTV) campaign generate additional revenue that will result in a more profitable DRTV campaign. An example of an upsell would be selling the customer a related item or additional item at a discount when they order your product through a DRTV ad campaign. Continuity programs involve sending a product to a customer, with their permission, on a regular basis, for example each month or every 60 days. Continuity programs provide ongoing income from your direct response television campaign. With a typical DRTV campaign, 30-40% of the customers decide to become part of a DRTV continuity program and stay on the plan for an average of 3-6 months. The amount of time that consumers stay on the continuity program differs depending upon the type of product you are marketing through your direct response TV advertising. There are specific rules regarding continuity programs. Make sure to work with telemarketing and law firms that are well versed in these rules.

Direct Response TV and the WEB

It’s essential to include your website in any DRTV commercial or infomercial. Between 15-50% of direct response TV (DRTV) sales are now occurring on the web. Approximately 50% of people who are watching TV are also online at the same time, so it’s easy for them to go to your website after viewing a DRTV commercial. Many direct response TV marketers also air their commercial on their website, so a consumer can watch it again if they missed part of it on TV. Websites are also a great place to further educate consumers about your DRTV product. Many consumers nowadays prefer to research a direct response TV product on the web before making a purchase decision, so it’s essential to make sure you develop a website that complements your DRTV commercial or infomercial.

Peter Koeppel is Founder and President of Koeppel Direct