Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Consider Your DRTV Options

Many types of online advertising and marketing services exist, such as pop-up or pop-under ads; banner ads; rich media ads, which include flash ads, interstitials (a page inserted in the normal flow of content between a user and the site), and superstitials (a page that loads behind an active web site, meaning the user doesn't see the ad until it's totally downloaded and ready to run); streaming audio video; skyscraper ads; rollover ads that expand as your mouse runs across them; e-mail sponsorship ads; newsletter and e-zine ad sponsorships; advertorial placements; search engine optimization; and affiliate programs where one web site promotes another web site's products in exchange for a commission and transactions are tracked through unique codes. Each of these options offers drtv advertisers unique advantages for reaching their target audience.

A huge demand for Internet advertising on the major net portals, such as CNN, Yahoo, MSN, etc., exists. This demand has actually caused a shortage of time slots. As a result, companies who are interested in running their ads or commercials online should consider doing so on their own web sites. Recent technology enables anyone who comes to your site to view your commercial regardless of what type of browser they have. So when a person goes to your site, the commercial automatically starts playing.

The complexity of all these online advertising options requires that you work with an ad agency that has a thorough knowledge of the medium. An experienced online direct response television media buying agency can help you decide what Internet options are most cost-effective and effective for your company.

Peter Koeppel is Founder and President of Koeppel Direct