Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bridging the Media Fragmentation Gap: What's on the Horizon? (Part 2 of 2)

Media fragmentation refers to a range of media options that has more options and content sources than ever before.

Today’s fragmented media playing field is a result of, among other forces, an ever-increasing amount of choices and devices that deliver media to each of us. This presents a “good news/bad news” scenario.

A recent ADOTAS discusses blogs, ad networks and all sorts of solutions. One solution, SRDS, has been used within the ad industry in recent years. It has been recently updated and is now equipped with an improved function and online tools allowing media buyers to navigate the fragmented media environment more effectively.

Media buying and planning solutions. Many seasoned (and newcomer) companies are also offering media buying and planning solutions. They include media research tools and other valuable resources to fit various advertising channels – online, print, events, outdoor, mobile and more.

These solutions include the ability to provide advance planning, knowledge, management and communication features like SRFI and RFP functions for contacting publishers directly.

Media fragmentation will continue to challenge the advertising industry, but new technologically advanced tools along with the increasing number of organizations providing innovative solutions are making great strides toward bridging the gap.