Monday, March 12, 2007

The New High-Tech Face of DRTV Advertising

Advertising your toy store on blogs, mobile phones and podcastsm ay seem surreal to you now, but high-tech forms of communication are merging into the mainstream.

Rapid advances in technology have changed everything from health care to communication. As the latest technology becomes more accessible to a broader market, the DRTV advertising field is changing too. Ten years ago, you could plan your direc response advertising campaign around a few television commercials and print advertisments. Until now, most companies would never have considered spending a sizable portion of their advertising budget on the Internet, but in 2006 online ad expenditures are expected to reach $17 billion.

Advertisers who want to reach their audience and remain competitive in this high-tech world have to change with the times. They must keep abreast of emerging new technologies, what direct response media types are most popular, and how consumers use what is available to them. If you want to stay current and advertise your products and services in ways that reach your target audience on their turf, consider the following forms of emerging media.