Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Writers’ Strike: What might it mean for DRTV advertisers?

As the Hollywood Writers’ Strike continues on without the likelihood of an acceptable compromise in the near future, many wait with anticipation to see how television will hold up.

Even in the face of emerging competition of digital media by way of YouTube and MySpace and the proliferation of shows created exclusively for online distribution, television networks have maintained a position of stability, not considering these additional media outlets to be significant competition.

The Writers’ Strike could change all of that.

Television execs were perhaps unconcerned by the competition of new media because the networks continued to deliver quality, innovative programming that consistently and even increasingly drew viewers and advertisers. But, without the writers, these fresh shows will be no more. Instead, viewers will be subjected to re-runs and more reality-based programming. This could, down the road, lead to decreased ratings and in turn, decreased advertising dollars.

Does this mean a gloomy death for television? Absolutely not!

DRTV marketers would be wise to hold off on reallocating all of their advertising dollars right now. Instead, they would be best served by taking advantage of lower television advertising rates and ramping up dollars spent in online advertising and other new media outlets.

The outcome of this event will be a direct response advertising diversification of sorts, representing a great opportunity for advertisers to take advantage of a growing trend while it’s still in this early stage.